Hai Panda

Hai Panda

Hey guys! So as it says in my “about” section, I’m an entrepreneur. I’ve been wanting to share this with you guys for a bit, and it’s also something I think you guys will totally love. I own this lovely brand called Hai Panda™.

At Hai Panda™ I sell handmade crystal panda bracelets! Each one is hand-threaded with semi-precious crystal beads and a little love! My stones range from White Jade, to Rose Quartz, Mountain Jade, and a couple others. In the future I hope to expand to apparel, accessories and stationary!


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Rose Quartz: The stone of “Love”.

It’s a still a baby at only 1 year old, and I aim to get it to the point where I can begin donating 15% of its profits to Pandas International.

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Mountain Jade & Amazonite: Stones of “Balance” & “Energy”.
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White Jade: The stone of “Positivity”.

I started this business because I’ve always had a love for making my own jewelry, I love the feeling of being self-made, and I love Pandas. They are currently on the endangered list with only about 1,800 of these gentle giants left in the world.


It’s of even more importance to me to continue this brand because it was something my mother and I started together, as she was perpetually a fan of my endless business ventures. As of right now, because of her passing, aside from everything else we’ve lost, we’ve also lost quite a bit of income. Aside from my regular job, I would love to have this to be able to pull in some extra revenue to take some of the burden off of my father, and to take care of my little sisters.

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A White Jade, Mountain Jade, and Amazonite set!

My goal is to break 50 orders to begin donating to Pandas International!


I would love it you could stop by Hai Panda™ sometime! Feel free to use the code HAIFEMME for free shipping and a free gift with your order!



Do you like the bracelets? Colors, style? Let me know what you think down below!

Thanks for reading! Sending my love,