Thank You!

Thank You!

Thanks so much for 100 followers! Just days ago I was just a little over 40!

You guys have no idea how much this means to me. I started this blog a year ago, and fell off for quite some time, only to come back this summer after my mother passed away. Her passing is taking everything from me, and I think the only thing keeping me together, keeping me here, are the people I love, and the ability to channel what little feeling I have left through my writing.

Although I may not personally know many of you, I am exceptionally pleased to have you guys here, reading my work; it’s a deeply appreciated form of unspoken support.

If you have any content suggestions, any feedback… anything, let me know down below!

Stay tuned for more posts, and again, thank you.

Sending my love,


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32 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. Congratulations & wishing you so much more success in the future. my heart broke a little after reading this – i’m so sorry but I hope you can find peace and happiness and I hope this blog will be one of the things that can bring you joy ❤

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  2. I’m glad that people are taking notice of your blog, because it’s great. Sorry to hear about your loss… I’ve also gotten back to blogging last year because of a difficult time in my life. I hope that you find solace in your writing and interaction in this community. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t even imagine how much you’re hurting. I hope we can all help your heart heal a little. This is a very tight community and we’re all here for you. The support is there, don’t be afraid to look or ask for it. Congratulations on 100 followers, I’m sure many more will come. Sending you a big hug and lots of strength. ❤ Cheila

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  4. You are in my prayers, sweet Mena! Allow your feelings to sit with you and process them. Feel every moment to the fullest and be in the moment. In those precious moments and memories, is when the Holy Spirit can comfort and heal the deepest parts of your heart. I look forward to what unfolds for you in the next coming months. You have an angel in heaven now. xoxo xoxo

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  5. I am so sorry you are going through this process. My father just died less than a month ago and 9 weeks after being admitted to the hospital for what he thought was a burst appendix. It is really hard to get back in to the swing of things, and as painful as it is to have him gone I sometimes still forget that he isn’t here anymore and I can’t share this new song. photo of my pupper, or meme with him.

    x o x o

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  6. Congratulations! Keep going!)) Just one little thing – could you make the font size a bit bigger? I would love to read your posts, but the letters are so small, so it’s really difficult) Thanks in advance!

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